Exit Poll 2013-2014 : C-Fore IBN 7 Opinion Poll Survey Delhi Assembly election 2013 show that BJP will emerge as single largest party in Delhi,

How many seat BJP, AAP and Congress will win in Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election 2013. Hindustan Times-C fore survey asks people across the national capital their opinions on the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections 2013

An opinion poll conducted by CNN IBN 7 news channel as per the survey Bharatiya Janata Party will likely to form next government in delhi 18th September 2013

What’s on the minds of Delhi’s voters? Hindutan Times and C-Fore opinion Survey

Party Name         No of Seat

BJP                           22-27

Congress                 32-37

AAP                          7-12

BSP                            0-2

Others                      0-2


Voting Percentage

Congress – 34% Congress
BJP -32%
AAP -21 %
BSP- 7%