Karnataka Assembly Election 2013 exit poll

Predictions Survey Opinion Poll Karnataka Assembly Election 2013. karnataka Vidhan Sabha Election 2013 opinion poll, Exit Poll Karnataka Poll 2013,

Schedule of Karnataka vidhan Sabha /Assembly election. Fixture of  Karnatakavidhan Sabha. Date of Karnataka election.


Exit and Opinion poll results will be made available as and when they are available. As per the prediction on internet Congress will be back to power in the state with a clear majority of 116seats in the coming assembly elections, a survey conducted by C fore (Centre for Forecasting & Research) has revealed.

Election date scheduled on 5th May 2013.

Counting of votes will be on May 8, the Election Commission said on Wednesday. Stay tune for live result of Karnataka Assembly election 2013.

State Assembly Elections 2008
BJP 224 110
INC 222 80
JD(S) 219 28
Others** 634 0
IND 943 6
OTHERS** 2242 224

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